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We have retired and closed Baumeister.  The purchase page is linked to other sources of these wonderful products.

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Ellagic Insurance Formula
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Ellagic Insurance FormulaTM
 Potent antioxidant 180 Capsules

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$49.00 each

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Beta Glucan from Transfer Point
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$69.95 each

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Beta 1 ,3-D Glucan
60 - 500mg Capsules

Beta-1, 3-D Glucan is a potent immune boosting product 

Order from Beta-1-3D-Glucan.com

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PhytoBioForte TM

Plant Enzyme Formula 
90 Capsules

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Now packaged as 90 capsules in
vacuum  pak


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Brazil Live Coral Calcium

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Brazil Live CoralTM Coral Calcium
Live, cold processed coral 120 capsules (800mg) per bottle

Brazil Live CoralTM

$24.95 each
1-5 @ $24.95
6-11 @ $22.95
12+ @ $19.95

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Liquid Essentials MultiVitamin 

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Liquid Essentials 
Liquid Vitamin/Mineral Supplement

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Liquid Essentials Vitamins

New source is in Upland California


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Greens Capsules 

Ultimate Green Zone®
Alkalizing Whole Food Supplement
in capsule form 
180 Capsules

$22.45 each

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$39.95 each

Greens Powder
Ultimate Green Zone®

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Liquid HEALTHY Energy

Energy & Stress 
B Vitamins by Liquid Essentials  

Liquid Nutritional Supplement

B Complex in a great taste


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Liquid Essentials Energy and Stress

Info on Liquid Calcium / Magnesium by Liquid Essentials

CalMag by Liquid Essentials

Liquid Calcium / Magnesium


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Liquid Essentials CalMag

New source is in Upland California 


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