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Magic of Coral, The pH Story
Revealing the Greatest Health Secret:  Acid - Alkaline Balance

This is quite lengthy, but extremely informative.

The 115 Year-Old Man

In 1979, a British journalist made a great discovery when he was given the unusual assignment of interviewing one of the oldest documented living people in the word, Mr. Shigeciyo Izumi.

Mr. Izumi was a sprightly 115 year old man in amazingly good health that lived on an island off the coast of Japan. He appeared to be active and alert, as spry as a healthy 70-year-old is. The journalist noticed most of the other inhabitants on the island were also in great health and seldom died before age 95! So intriguing were these people that other researchers came to investigate.

What Was Their Secret of Youth?

The researchers found the water the islanders drank was uniquely different than the water found anywhere else in the world. Their water contained unique, ionized minerals leached from the coral on which the island was built. These dissolved minerals made the water very alkaline (a high alkaline pH of 8.0 to 8.6). Researchers found this highly alkaline pH of the water to be very desirable; when drunk, it helped to give the body a superior acid/alkaline balance.

The highly mineralized "coral" water, which the islanders drank, was found to be chemically very similar to essential elements found in the human skeleton: body fluids, blood and amniotic fluid. Incredibly, the researchers also discovered that the "coral" water could neutralize waste products if present in the water, such as bacteria, heavy metals, fluoride and chloroform.

Water: The Body’s Basic Nutrient

Water is the single most important nutrient for sustaining human life. The human body consists of approximately 70% water; the blood is about 90% water.

Water is responsible for transporting nutrients to every living cell, clearing cell waste and is the key to all bodily functions. The average person requires a minimum of 1.5 to 2.5 liters of water per day. The ideal formula is to drink half your body weight in ounces per day. What about the quality of our water?

Dead Water

The current quality of our water supplies continues to deteriorate due to many environmental pollutants, especially residues from agar-chemicals pesticides, industrial chemicals and acid rain. The water we drink is usually highly acidic, even when purified water may be clean, it still behaves as if it’s "dead," with little molecular vitality and often with chaotic, jangled electromagnetic imprints and large molecular clumps.

Is Your Drinking Water Acid?

To test your water, you must use a special water testing kit to measure the pH of water, such as a pool testing kit. (Do not use the same pH tape that you use to test urine.) You may be surprised to find how acid your water is. Water purifiers will purify the water but will not change an acid pH. It’s best to avoid drinking water with a pH below 6.0 because the acidic pH will use your body’s own alkaline reserves.

Avoid drinking tap water. Depending on where you live, tap water (water from your faucet) may contain over 2,000 different toxic residues, including heavy metals, viruses, parasite cysts and even radioactivity.

Drinking distilled water is not recommended either. It has been purified, by boiling tap water, then condensing the steam into water. Although the steam-distilled water has been purified to a certain extent, and may be free of heavy metals and some toxic residues, pesticide and herbicide residues are easily vaporized and then condense with the steam, still leaving toxic water.

One of the best "purified" waters we’ve tested is Penta Hydrate, available in most health stores.

It is made using a unique process that structures the water with oxygen, making it both highly bio-available and easy to assimilate. Add a pinch of the coral mineral powder to each bottle of Penta Hydrate or to each quart of ordinary purified water to bring the pH up to a healthier, more alkaline pH as well as providing ionized minerals.

Healing Power Unleashed

The human body has a tremendous healing power when it is properly nourished. If the body’s pH becomes acidic, it becomes harder and harder to properly take in other nutrients, such as minerals, vitamins or herbs. The key is to re-establish the proper acid/alkaline balance of your body.

Acidic pH creates a hostile internal environment like a raging storm, making the body struggle to get the nutrients it needs for optimal health. The more acid you become, the worse you feel. As the body’s pH comes into better balance (with a pH between 6.4 t0 7.0), it is like a sunny spring day with flowers blooming; your body can easily assimilate minerals and other nutrients that were very difficult to absorb at a lower, more acid pH.

The Greatest Health Secret

Keeping the body in an alkaline pH range is one of the greatest secrets for keeping excellent health. The first step, re-alkaline your body and then keep it in the optimal pH range by regularly taking coral minerals, the secret of the Japanese islanders. These minerals are easily absorbable because they are in an ionized form.

The Ionized Form

The body must reduce any form of incoming calcium into calcium ions before it can use it. These charged particles of elemental calcium called ionized calcium are the only way the body can use calcium. Since coral minerals contain calcium already in the ionized form, the body can use the calcium immediately without having to break it down. Other forms of calcium, such as calcium carbonate from lime, or calcium citrate, are much harder to absorb, or are often not absorbed at all.

A key role of calcium is to neutralize acidic compounds (usually toxins) anywhere in the body, before damage can take place. Once these acidic molecules are neutralized, the body can then easily excrete them; otherwise, they begin to accumulate in the body-first in the connective tissue and later, even in the organs and blood. Having a sufficient amount of ionized calcium on hand is critical to body cleansing.

The Number One Mineral

Calcium is the number by quantity needed by the human body. Calcium is bio-chemically necessary to life, crucial to health and a key secret of keeping flexible and youthful.

Over time, the average person becomes more and more depleted of calcium. By age 40, over 50% of Americans are seriously calcium deficient; by age 60, over 90% are calcium deficient. These drastic declines show that the majority of Americans are not getting enough ionized, assimilate-able calcium from their diets, so the body begins to steal calcium from the body’s emergency reserves, the bones.

The "Rob Peter to Pay Paul" Program

If you don’t get enough ionized calcium in your diet, especially from fruits and vegetables, then the "Rob Peter to Pay Paul" program goes into effect. Since the body can’t get enough calcium from the diet, it will rob calcium from your bones, the only place it can. This leads to the development of dreaded osteoporosis, a severe weakening and loss of bone from the spine and other bones, often causing much pain, fractures, physical debility and agony.

Calcium Deposits In Your Joints

In addition, calcium deposits, often called bone spurs, may from in the joints. But these deposits are not from too much calcium in your diet; they are from abnormal calcium metabolism due to not enough calcium. Scientific research has identified the abnormal calcium in these deposits as coming from your bone, not from your diet. It is a different, abnormal form of calcium. So you need not worry that taking coral minerals will cause calcium deposits.

Due to lack of adequate ionized calcium sources in the diet, the body’s pH shifts into the acid range. Since the body is already deficient in calcium, it now needs even more calcium to buffer the acid, so it robs your bones for the calcium. Your body’s bones were never intended to be used as the body’s supply of calcium, but the body sees it better then no calcium at all. This emergency release of calcium from your bones is in the form of 'micro crystalline' hydroxapatite. It can buffer the blood, and encourages stone formation at the liver, gallbladder and kidneys.

The Easiest to Absorb

The use of coral minerals has a long track record of success because they are so easy to absorb. Many common forms of calcium in nutritional products are very difficult to absorb. Even if large amounts are present in your diet, such as in vegetables or dairy, you can still be deficient in calcium. Calcium typically requires a healthy amount of stomach acid (hydrochloric acid) to break it down into an ionized form.

Stomach Acid

If you don’t produce adequate amounts of stomach acid, then you cannot ionize the calcium to absorb it. Calcium and other mineral deficiencies are sure to follow even if you are taking regular calcium/mineral supplements. Calcium that is ionized is easy for the body to absorb and utilize.

At age 65, the production of stomach acid declines to only 25% of what you produced at age 20. At age 70, you produce only about 10% of the stomach acid that you produced at age 20. Even if you are a young person, chronic illness can severely compromise your stomach’s acid output and capacity to digest well.

If you take a typical supplement with calcium (such as an isolated, unionized mineral), but do not produce enough stomach acid, the calcium in the supplement can act against you, by precipitating out into in-absorbable clumps, carrying some of your stored calcium from the supplement lost. But some of your own calcium and other nutrients are lost as well.

The Gateway Factor

The calcium in coral minerals is already unique, ionized from. This means that the stomach acid is not required to absorb it. This is great news for those who suffer from poor digestion caused by poor stomach acid production. Because of its ionized form, coral minerals can allow you to absorb much more calcium, as well as magnesium and many trace minerals, which naturally occur in coral.

We call coral minerals the "Gateway Factor" because they begin to correct the deep-seated acid/alkaline imbalance in the body. When this happens, they appear to potentate (like a "gatekeeper") other nutrients and supplements because they can then become more accessible to the body. Once the acid/alkaline balance is back in the ideal range (6.4 to 7.0, as measured by urine pH), the body’s biochemical functions can now be readily absorbed and waste can easily be eliminated.

Fighting Cancer

The brilliant German researcher, Otto Warburg, won the Nobel Prize in 1932 for proving that cancer needs anaerobic (oxygen free) environment in order to thrive. One way to create a low oxygen environment is to create acidic pH in the body.

Researchers in the 1940’s and 50’s noticed that people with cancer, arthritis and other degenerative diseases were all suffering from calcium deficiency. One doctor found that if he gave his patients highly soluble (i.e. ionized) forms of calcium, they were able to overcome their diseases.

An Amazing Cancer Story

In the 1950’s, one doctor noticed that all of his cancer patients were severely deficient in calcium. He found that as he treated them for their calcium deficiency, their bodies gradually got strong enough to kill the cancer. Even his terminal cancer patients were able to survive. In fact, years later, the autopsy reports of five of his patients showed no trace of cancer, yet all of them had been diagnosed as terminal cancer patients, years earlier.

His theory was that ionized calcium was the main mineral that could rapidly alkaline the body. He fond the body could then produce mono-ortho-calcium phosphate, the preferred form of calcium, which could then quickly raise the pH back into the proper alkaline range. As soon as the body’s tissue acidity was reduced, he found the cancer could not survive.

10 To 20 Times More Oxygen

Every cancer researcher knows that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment. If a cancer tumor is put in a beaker with an alkaline media, the cancer will die in 3 hours. In the alkali, you have oxygen. Small increases of 1/10 to 2/10 in pH can mean an amazing 10 to 20 times more tissue oxygen availability. On the other hand, if the pH of the urine drops from an ideal pH (6.4 to 7.0) into a more acidic pH (below 6.4) then less and less oxygen is available to the body’s tissues.

The human body’s pH is designed to be alkaline, but even running near an ideal pH; the body’s constant waste products create a slightly acid state. Ionized calcium is the key mineral to keep the body’s pH to an ideal, alkaline pH.

Overcoming Heart Disease

The number one tissue in the body that is susceptible to acid is the muscle tissue. When you exercise so hard that your muscles ache, a waste product called lactic acid forms that must be neutralized. Lactic acid, if retained too long over time, can eat holes in muscle tissue, even heart muscle. If a person becomes mineral deficient without enough calcium, he becomes saturated with lactic acid and his muscles begin to get stiff and hard. The lactic acid can eat holes in the muscle layer of the arteries. If an artery is broken through, the person may die from a stroke or hemorrhage.

When an artery is damaged, the body will try to protect the artery by building a hard protective layer over the site. To keep the artery from leaking, the body uses low density, goopy cholesterol to seal the cracks, to prevent the person from bleeding to death. Since cholesterol is at the scene of the crime, it is found guilty. But the real culprit is the excess acid. And the original cause of the buildup of acid is mineral deficiency, just as Dr. Linus Pauling pointed out.

Miracle, or Normal Biochemistry?

As the ionized minerals in the coral minerals begin to be easily absorbed into the body, people are amazed at the quick results, as many chronic symptoms begin to melt away. But it is not a miracle. It is a return to normal biochemistry. Since the coral’s minerals are already ionized, they do not require stomach acid to break them down. They can be quickly absorbed by the body and begin to re-establish a proper acid/alkaline balance. Once the body becomes alkaline, its entire metabolism can return to normal biochemistry. Muscles become less stiff, more flexible.

Nutritional Breakthrough

In our many experiments, we stumbled onto an exciting nutritional breakthrough. We found that the coral minerals have spectacular tissue ‘bio-availability’ when mixed with a charged Aloe Vera powder. Each component appears to be a "gatekeeper" for the other. The coral minerals appear to be the best absorbed and uniquely delivered deep into the tissue when mixed with the high negative carrier of Aloe Vera powder. The legendary healing properties of Aloe Vera appear to work best when coupled with the alkalizing, ionized coral minerals. Although some calcium products can help restore bone and halt bone loss, such as NCH calcium, they are only marginally helpful in restoring whole-body calcium tissue levels.

What About Colloidal Minerals

Japanese coral minerals (in the 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium) are free of toxic metals, such as lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic, which are found in many colloidal mineral products in the market today. By weight, this special coral contains about 24% and 15% manganese, etc. Coral even contains rare trace minerals such as praseodymium and yttrium, found only in highly fertile soils.

This coral’s large amounts of ionized calcium and magnesium are the keys to its famous body rebuilding properties. Remember you need large quantities of calcium (and to a lesser extent, magnesium) as key buffers in your body’s chemistry. Without these macro minerals, trace minerals could actually be toxic.

Macro vs. Trace Minerals

Unfortunately, colloidal mineral products typically contain only trace amounts of calcium and magnesium. Loading up on lots of trace minerals without enough macro minerals (such as calcium

And magnesium), can eventually throw your mineral balance into chaos, sometimes leaving you worse off than when you started. (It may take months to upset your mineral balance or it may happen quickly if you are already calcium/magnesium deficient.)

You need minerals in their proper ratios. Farmers know that if their soil does not contain 70 to 80% calcium and magnesium, then adding extra trace minerals can so severely imbalance the soil that it will kill the crop. The same exact amount of trace minerals when added to a soil with sufficient calcium/magnesium content will allow the crops to thrive. Interestingly, your body needs about the same mineral ratios as crops, to grow well and thrive.

Vitamin D Connection: Is the Calcium getting in?

Vitamin D is an important factor in the intestinal absorption of calcium. Without sufficient vitamin D, the cell cannot adequately absorb calcium. Many people do not consume enough vitamin D in their diets. In addition, many people are habitual "cave dwellers," living in artificially lit caves (i.e. houses or work places), receiving very little natural sunlight on a daily basis. Consequently, they do not receive enough sun-on-the-skin to produce their own vitamin D. (Sun exposure may include indirect sunlight, such as being in shade, but not sunlight received through glass.)

If you are a "cave dweller," receiving less than 1 to 2 hours of natural sunlight daily, you may have inadequate amounts of natural vitamin D as well as poor absorption of calcium. We often recommend a high source of natural vitamin D, (not synthetic vitamin D 2), as well as other important nutrients.

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