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 Is There Hope For Cancer?
"I'm confused! There is so much information on the Web....."

If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer or reoccurring cancer


you have decided to seriously explore natural, alternative approaches rather than conventional medicine's radiation / chemotherapy / surgery

ABSOLUTELY Invest 5 minutes here now!

  • Explore these 5 health concepts...

  • Form your own conclusions...

  • Supplements & sources are linked from this website....

  • Make a healthy decision for your future.... 

With 40% of Americans personally experiencing CANCER, it touches everyone's family and friends. You have been looking for alternative solutions on the internet, but are confused by all you see. What is real? Who to trust? That is why you are here.

See what these 5 Health Concepts mean to your body, then see how we can help you sort through the maze! 




Hello Friend,

I'm JD Dennison of HopeForCancer.com. Since 2002 we've been working from this web helping people with cancer. I just retired January 1, 2016, but am leaving the website as a source of information and products.  Do explore it.

The internet is wonderful to explore alternative options. However, you have a BIG PROBLEM! The information overload, confusion, marketing claims and hype are downright oppressive.

We are here to help you, to guide you through this maze.

We know the following 5 health concepts are absolutely critical at this time in your life:

  1. Your immune system 
  2. An alkaline body state 
  3. Antioxidants, the modern health sensation 
  4. Nutrition, what goes inside 
  5. And your lifestyle 

You will believe too as you read on...


Overview of 5 Key Health Concepts

Your immune system

Obviously a strong immune system is imperative for healthy life. When you are 'run down' you know you catch everything! You become susceptible to simple communicable diseases that otherwise would not faze you. Why do some people get colds, while others breeze right through the cold season? Their immune system of course.

In healthy people, a strong immune system actually keeps cancer cells in check. Now, with cancer concerns, your issue is how to strengthen your immune system to that healthy state. And if you have a degraded immune system from chemotherapy or radiation, now, more than ever, that is a major battle in this cancer war.

Questions that come to mind:

Q: What is the best way to strengthen the immune system?
A: Key components are rest, nutrition, hydration, vitamins, healthy lifestyle, etc.

Q: What specifically can be done?
A: Vitamin supplementation....OK, but what is best? Brand? Dosage?

Q: What about pro-biotics (another new buzz word)?
A: Awesome! Don't even consider chemotherapy without it.

Q: How about supplements designed specifically for the immune system?
A: Now that's a confusing field. There are 100's of offerings out there on the net. What is best for your situation? What information out there is true, inflated, or blatantly false? Best results? Best value? You see so much hype ... how can one tell what is true?

 An alkaline body state

Since at least 1931 when Dr. Warburg won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his research into "cellular respiration" it has been known that an alkaline body state impacts cancer. Many chemo drugs are alkaline, and hopefully, targeted toward the specific cancer. But.....

What about other alkaline therapies? Successes? For example, cesium is a potent alkalizing agent, but dangerous. Any natural possibilities? What is gentle?

Absolutely there are natural alkalizing options. The most natural alkalizing mineral is calcium. And the most natural alkalizing function is diet. The questions become, which calcium is best and what to eat for natural alkalizing effects? More on that shortly.

Antioxidants, a modern 'buzz word'

Antioxidants offset free radicals, and are the craze of the new millennium.

  • How do they work?  
  • Which antioxidant is best, or what combination is synergistic (work together more effectively)? 
  • What about therapy a, b, or c and the implications of study x, y, and z? 

Massive information overload on this point! And the answer is actually several! This is definitely an area for our assistance.


What goes into your body impacts your body functions day-to-day; how it repairs itself, ages, and even how it diseases.

Food. What are the best foods when you have cancer? What is bad? How much to eat? How prepared? What blend/selection/diet? Meat or no meat, red, white, or swimming? How do I get the most nutrition out of my food? Can I have my coffee in the morning? What about a glass of wine with dinner? Water, what type, how much? Does chocolate cure cancer?

What nutritional supplementation is needed? How much? When? Empty stomach or with meals?

Here are a few gems!!!

  • Don't cook with corn oil, nor on a grill that 'chars' your meat! Both proven cancer producers! So what's the best oil? Virgin Olive of course! 
  • Absolute no-no's: Processed sugars and soda pop. 
  • Moderation: meats, carbs 
  • Eat lots of vegetables. Raw is better than cooked. Lightly cooked is better than cooked to mush. 
  • What to consume to excess: WATER 
  • Bottom line - EAT SMART!! And we simply preach the smart rules. 

Your lifestyle is a major factor in healing. Minor modifications can make a significant impact to health.

Positive factors verses negative factors? How about a few of the simple guidelines.


  • Exercise 
  • Fresh Air & Sunshine. Do you know one simple trick than can make a significant impact while in the sunshine? 
  • Rest 
  • Spiritual relationship with God 
  • Stress 
  • Smoking  
  • Alcohol consumption to excess 

From your glance at these 5 health concepts you start to see the value of a natural approach....supplementation, diet and lifestyle changes!

Our Approach when we were coaching:  The possible information overload can cause paralysis. Therefore we believe in the classic "crawl - walk - run" approach, but with a twist. The twist is way we get you started immediately crawling (and simultaneously running to action) - by building trust.

The nature of cancer demands decisive action.

Time is of the essence. So, we will earn your trust immediately. We will supply information and products to make the crawl easy - a crawl, but decisively acting with 'running' decisions!

You will not be overloaded during the crawl phase. The phased information flow simplifies the entire process. We start you on decisive, critical action points, and complete the picture over time.

Let's be more concrete.  There may be 10 things to do immediately in this crawl stage. Two specific examples:

One, drink sufficient water to hydrate your body.

  • Do you really need to know why water from source A may be better than tap water?
  • Can you simply trust us and drink the correct water? 

Two, the value of antioxidants.

We all agree, take action immediately. Time and the correct decisions are critical.

That is why you are here, looking for a guide through the maze, to unravel the confusion, and get you headed immediately down the healing road.

We are writing an eBook available for you. It will be a distillation of our years of helping folks with this approach.  Do check back, or email a request for notification.

To your health!

JD Dennison

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